A leadership, science and creativity conference centered around “The Power of Choice” for Wyoming Latinas ages 5-12th grade

Scenes from the Wyoming Latina Youth Conference at the University of Wyoming.

If you think small, you’ll never get big.
— Skye

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A two-day creativity, STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, mathematics), and leadership conference, the mission of the Wyoming Latina Youth Conference is to raise the aspiring wealth of Wyoming Latinas ages 5-12th grade through mentoring, education and awareness. Attendees hear from a successful, nationally renowned keynote speaker and participate in various workshops held at the University of Wyoming. The conference encourages attendees to own their ambition and to gain the confidence to better themselves and their lives.

The Wyoming Latina Youth Conference (WLYC) was born almost 20 years ago after statistics revealed Latina girls to be most at risk for teen pregnancy, high school dropout and suicide. Cheyenne community leader and founder, Ann Esquibal Redman, was determined to change those numbers.

“I believe that we can defy the odds and go against the statistics. We are exposing young Latinas to all aspects of achieving aspiring wealth. It’s about confidence, self-esteem and fostering an attitude of ‘I CAN DO IT!’ It’s giving these girls the skills and ability to think beyond their urgent needs of everyday living.” -Dr. Cecelia Aragon, Executive Director of the Wyoming Latina Youth Conference.

In addition to building confidence and leadership skills, WLYC also places a major emphasis on wellness. From developing healthy relationships to managing one’s nutrition and mental well-being, WLYC takes a complete approach to successful life-building. Additionally, the conference is a fun and energizing event, where Latina girls from every corner of the state get to connect with each other and forge new friendships.  

In this multi-subject interview, I met with several attendees, alumnae and their founder to learn about their collective hopes, dreams and philosophy towards the conference’s theme, “The Power of Choice.”

I’m going to rise above and be revolutionary. Because I’m Latina and within itself is amazing.
— America
There’s no giving up. As the NIKE quote goes, just do it.
— Raquel
Get that mindset, you can’t, out of your mind. Strive for what you believe in.
— Carmen, WLYC Teen Advisor
The routes you take in life are up to you. No matter what brings you down, always wake up with a smile.
— Diamond
You have the power to choose whether you’re going to be a statistic, or whether you’re going to do things differently for yourself.
— Ada, WLYC Alumna & Volunteer
I have that journey of self-love and understanding so that I can help others. Yes, we can. Be loud, be strong. Stand out.
— Isabela, WLYC Alumna & Volunteer
We’re all human. We bleed the same. We’re just different in the way society built us.
— Marycruz
It’s all about the power of choice. You have the power to change your life.
— Ann Esquibel Redman, Founder of the Wyoming Latina Youth Conference