Showing How Women Shape the West

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Wyoming is the least populated state in the country and 10th largest in size: according to national census figures, it’s home to an estimated 585,501 residents spread out over 97,818 square miles. This vast, endless space is completely awe inspiring and wildly monumental. It breeds a sense of freedom and wonder. At the same time, all that space can feel isolating and prove a harsh environment in which to call home. What does it take to make it here?

Women in Wyoming developed out of a personal interest of artist, photographer and fifth-generation Wyoming-native Lindsay Linton Buk to connect with her peers and learn how women were filling the void and expressing their full capacity in the rural West today.


Historically, Wyoming has led the charge in the U.S.- from the first business west of the Missouri, to the First National Park (Yellowstone), and the First National Monument (Devils Tower). Wyoming has just an impressive track record of female influencers and firsts, from Louisa Swain -- the first woman in the United States to cast a vote -- to Nellie Tayloe Ross, the first female Governor in the United States, as well as Esther Hobart Morris -- the first woman Justice of the Peace and the first All Woman Jury. While Wyoming's pioneering history is inspiring, we are currently behind several states, from our low-representation of women in government to one of the worst wage-gaps in the country. 


Who are the modern pioneers, rule breakers and women shaping the West right now?

Through portrait photography & podcast, Women in Wyoming shares inspiring and informative stories to encourage more women and girls to tap into the agency within themselves to reach for the stars, whatever that may be in life.

The project features visible women to more unsung heroes of the state who are breaking boundaries and showing the diverse ways in which it is possible to presently thrive in Wyoming. Each subject is captured by artist, photographer and storyteller Lindsay Linton Buk of Linton Productions through portrait photography and podcast interviews. This ongoing series is published in chapters; listen and see the first installment of profiles here.


Chapter I - Breaking Boundaries


An abstract expressionist painter who paints 10x30' canvases, Wyoming's first female Supreme Court Justice, Wyoming's first Navajo State Senator, the United States' first woman of color to run a television news station and to be elected to state government, an award winning author and a self-made business mogul ...



The first installment of profiles or Chapter I, showcase the ability of Wyoming women to break boundaries in the rural West today. Featuring women who literally pioneer in their fields, like Wyoming's first female Supreme Court Justice, Marilyn Kite, to Nimi McConigley -- the country's first Indian-born person to ever be elected to state government, to overcoming personal odds and obstacles like abstract expressionist painter, Neltje -- who paints 10x30' canvases, their stories teach us how we can all live with a more courageous spirit and be limitless.