WW Sponsor Spotlight: Noa Staryk of NEST Jackson Hole

NEST Jackson Hole is an apparel, homewares and accessories boutique in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Owner Noa Staryk is a sponsor and founding partner of Women in Wyoming. We sat down with Noa to learn about why she started NEST and supports Wyoming women.

Interview and portraits by WW Project Director, Lindsay Linton Buk.

Noa Staryk, WW Founding Partner & Sponsor and owner, Nest Jackson Hole.

Noa Staryk, WW Founding Partner & Sponsor and owner, Nest Jackson Hole.

LLB: What inspired you to open NEST?

Noa: I was inspired to open NEST as my daughter was leaving for college. In order to combat the overwhelming sadness, I decided I needed to focus my energies on something new, challenging and FUN. I have always wanted to open a store, but I had been paralyzed by fear of the retail unknown. My daughter beginning a new chapter in her life inspired me to push the fear aside and give my retail dream a shot.

LLB: What’s the most fulfilling part of your work?

Noa: For sure the most fulfilling part is the interaction with customers. I love meeting new people and welcoming friends into NEST. We love it when people come into shop, but we also love it when people come in to chat, have a break in their day. We want Nest to feel like a welcoming and visual treat in peoples' day.

LLB: You’re a big supporter of Wyoming women. In addition to sponsoring our project, Women in Wyoming, you also support Climb Wyoming— a statewide nonprofit helping low-income single mothers discover self-sufficiency through free job training and placement [WW featured Climb in Chapter III: POWER].

Why is it important to you to fund programs with a mission to empower women, particularly in Wyoming?

Noa: After opening NEST, I looked around and marveled at all of the amazing women business owners in our town. I am inspired every day by what women entrepreneurs are accomplishing and contributing to the character and vitality of our community. And our town is the incredible place that it is because Wyoming is our home, and I am inspired by the women who work to create community in our state.

LLB: 2019 has been declared “The Year of Wyoming Women” to celebrate Wyoming as the first territory in the U.S. to recognize women’s right to vote, over 50 years before the 19th amendment was passed nationally. What does this historic anniversary mean to you, and how do you think Wyoming women are doing today?

Noa Staryk, WW Founding Partner & Sponsor and owner, Nest Jackson Hole.

Noa Staryk, WW Founding Partner & Sponsor and owner, Nest Jackson Hole.

Noa: Voting is critical to our Democracy, it is a privilege and an obligation that every citizen should honor and act upon. It is awesome that Wyoming was the first territory to give women the right to vote, an achievement that should be celebrated! Register and vote are the ways we can all demonstrate the importance of the privilege to have a voice in our democracy. Women in Wyoming have the commitment and tenacity to lead this charge.

LLB: Who are the women who inspire you and why?

Noa: I am inspired by the women who run their own businesses, who run non-profits, who serve in public office, and who contribute their energies to ensure that Wyoming is a welcoming, safe and vital place to live.

For more about NEST, visit NestJacksonHole.com. Become a Founding Partner or Sponsor of Women in Wyoming here.

Interview and portraits by Lindsay Linton Buk, Projector Director- Women in Wyoming.