MAY 23, 2019

Travel Channel

Follow along as pro-photographer Lindsay Linton-Buk traverses Wyoming on a quest to showcase brave, strong, and impactful women across the state.

“Wyoming is a vast state, so there’s a lot of isolation. For Lindsay to be highlighting these stories from women, who may not have otherwise shared their voices, is really important to build that broader community and see the potential within each other and within ourselves.”


March 15, 2019

Northwest College Alumna Feature

Learn about lindsay’s journey to becoming a photographer, creating women in wyoming and her advise for CURRENT STUDENTS.

“Take advantage of the short amount of time you have at NWC. Take risks and share your ideas with your professors and mentors. You never know what type of opportunities will evolve and how those opportunities can become a stepping stone for what’s next.”


March 14, 2019

Curiosity Magazine


“We spoke with Lindsay Linton Buk, the photographer behind the Women In Wyoming exhibit at the Buffalo Bill Center of the West museum, the only Smithsonian-accredited museum in the state. The exhibit tells ‘inspiring stories of contemporary Wyoming women through art and media, celebrating their achievements, power, and learned wisdom.’”


MARCH 8, 2019

Alpyn Beauty

Women in Wyoming “Alpyn Crush” feature

“In the spirit of International Women's Day, and as a tribute to our roots in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, we're crushing on Lindsay Linton Buk. Talented photographer and visual storyteller, Lindsay's project, Women in Wyoming seeks to connect and empower females by sharing the stories of inspirational women across our state.”


March 7, 2019

Culture Trip

the pioneering women — past and present — of wyoming, the equality state.

“Wyoming native Lindsay Linton Buk recently returned to the state, after stints in New York and Los Angeles, to start her own photography studio. Unlike in big cities, where virtually every imaginable industry already exists and competition is fierce, she was able to blaze a trail in Jackson, a town of 10,532 people. From her perspective, Wyoming is the kind of place where hard work, courage and persistence is rewarded, regardless of your gender.”


January 30, 2019

Wyoming News Now

Women in Wyoming—a project by photographer, artist and Powell, Wyoming native, Lindsay Linton Buk—will make its world wide debut at the Buffalo Bill Center of the West in Cody, Wyoming, on October 25, 2019.

“Linton Buk is no stranger to what it means to be successful in today’s Wyoming.

An editorial and commercial photographer by trade, Women in Wyoming is a project that’s dear to her, so much so that she’s traveled more than 15,000 miles, developed 600 rolls of medium-format film, recorded 3,000 minutes of audio interview footage and met with amazing women throughout Wyoming, including artists, Supreme Court Justices, politicians, authors, linguists, pilots, outdoors women and more.


January 30, 2019


A Wyoming woman is honoring Wyoming women in an exciting and artistic way. KKTQ's Giovanni Pinto met up with Lindsay Linton Buk, the artist whose work will now be on global display.

“I’m passionate about uncovering the depth and capacity of women and girls and sharing their power with the world.”


May 2, 2018

Jackson Hole News & Guide


“When Lindsay Linton Buk was growing up she was certain she would never have a career in her home state. The Powell native lived in Los Angeles to pursue dancing dreams, then returned to attend photography school. After school it was a cross-country move to New York City, but now she’s back in Jackson Hole doing the best work of her career.”


December 1, 2017

Wyoming Public Media

new series explores unlikely paths of wyoming women

“The project was inspired by when I moved back from New York City and was questioning Wyoming as limiting. Was that true? I wanted to find out and explore what women were doing in our state, connect with my peers and find out how they were thinking big and making their dreams happen.”


OCTOBER 16, 2017

Casper Star Tribune

Wyoming photographer sets out to document the women of the Cowboy State

“Historically, Wyoming holds a lot of firsts in the ongoing struggle for gender equality. The first female voter in the U.S. cast her ballot here, the first female justice of the peace was appointed here, the first all-woman jury sat here and the first female governor was elected here.

But decades after those breakthroughs, Powell native Lindsay Linton Buk wants to know: Who are the modern female rule-breakers, leaders and agenda-setters?”