Women in Wyoming Podcast

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Project Director Lindsay Linton Buk talks to inspiring and influential women around the state and learns about their lives, journeys and how they got to where they are today. Listen to Chapter’s I, II & III below.

Project Director Lindsay Linton Buk interviewing Chapter I’s Nimi McConigley.

Project Director Lindsay Linton Buk interviewing Chapter I’s Nimi McConigley.


Episode 01. Neltje

Abstract expressionist painter, author and artist.


Episode 02. Marilyn Kite Wyoming’s first female Supreme Court Justice.


Episode 03. Affie Ellis

Wyoming’s first Native American State Senator.


Episode 04. Nimi McConigley

Trailblazing journalist & politician.


Episode 05. Nina McConigley

Award-winning author and professor at the University of Wyoming.


Episode 06. Clarene Law

Self-made business mogul, matriarch of the tourism industry in Jackson Hole, Wyoming and community leader.


Episode 07. Behind the Scenes

WW’s Director and Photographer, Lindsay Linton Buk.


Episode 08. Lynette St. Clair

Eastern Shoshone linguist and cultural preservationist.


Episode 09. Dr. Diane Noton

Rural medicine practitioner and emergency room physician.


Episode 10. Rev. Bernadine Craft

Episcopal priest, former state senator and community steward.


Episode 11. Lori Olson

Backcountry pilot, rural airstrip advocate and director of the Upton Municipal Airport.


Episode 12. Megan Grassell

Founder and CEO of Yellowberry— a bra, loungewear and activewear company for girls ages 8-14 yrs.


Episode 13. Mickey Thoman

Ranching matriarch of the W&M Thoman Ranch in Sweetwater County, Wyoming.


Episode 14. Wyoming Latina Youth Conference

A leadership, STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, mathematics) and creativity conference centered around “The Power of Choice.”

Episode 15. Rita Watson

The longest serving employee at the Wyoming Department of Education.


Episode 16. Climb Wyoming

A statewide nonprofit empowering low income, single mothers to discover self-sufficiency through free job training, life skills, counseling and guaranteed job placement.


Episode 17. Aura Newlin

Wyoming anthropologist, educator and advocate whose works centers around the Japanese American incarceration during WWII.