CHAPTER I: Breaking Boundaries

The debut chapter of Women in Wyoming highlights some of Wyoming’s modern pioneers and women who have overcome great personal odds and obstacles.



Abstract expressionist painter, artist & author

“I paint the moment, I think the moment, I feel the moment. You have this second, then BOOM! It’s gone. The wind comes up, and your hat flies off. You drop your glass of champagne. It’s just a moment.”



Wyoming's first female Supreme Court Justice & Chief Justice

“You have to have the trust and confidence of the public in order for the courts to do their job. For there to be trust and confidence of all the public, you need to have more women represented on the bench.”



Wyoming's first Navajo and Native American State Senator

“These moments matter, because when you’re taking a vote, and when you’re thinking about how decisions affect people, you remember standing on their doorstep. I feel strongly about making that connection with folks.”



Nina (l) - the award-winning author of Cowboys and East Indians AND HER MOTHER, Nimi (R) - the first woman of color to run a television news station and the first Indian-born person to be elected to state government IN THE UNITED STATES.

“I think when I sit down to write it’s that I want to tell an interesting story. It’s what’s in your subconscious. It just seeps onto the page.” - Nina

“You’ve got to believe in yourself. When your validation comes from inside you, and you validate yourself, that can’t be taken away by anyone.” -Nimi



Self-made business mogul & community leader

“The only way you do things, you don’t do things alone ... There is no such word as just me - I. It is all of us. It’d take everybody in my life to make what I am today.”