Why now?


The goal of the Women in Wyoming series is to urge the next generation of trailblazing, ambitious, community-minded women and girls to step forward and fulfill their highest potential. The project will also contribute to Wyoming’s historical and educational record, both for contemporary study, scholarly research, and as a guidance tool for Wyoming’s next generation.

 “Women in Wyoming shines a light on heroines among us,” says Karen McWhorter, Scarlett Curator of Western American Art, Whitney Western Art Museum, Buffalo Bill Center of the West, and Co-curator, Women in Wyoming. “Women who have defied odds, fulfilled dreams, exceeded expectations and filled voids by invoking their own unique strengths and skills.”


Wyoming declares 2019 “Year of Wyoming Women”

In 1869, Wyoming became the first known territory in the free world to grant women the right to vote and hold office. In the years that followed, Wyoming also gave the country its first female jurors, bailiff, justice of the peace and governor. Events and celebrations for the 150th anniversary are planned throughout Wyoming in 2019.